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MCS022 Syllabus

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After completing this course, the learner will be able to

Discuss the fundamental concepts of OS and computer networking concepts.Identify and describe the non-technical terms, the components of networkingProduces a plan to identify the network topology, the external communication requirements and

minimum network storage requirement.

Work with Windows 2000 and Linux OSDescribe the features of network administration.


 Graphical User Interface, Evolution of the Human and machine interaction, functionality of GUI, Examples of some GUIs, Goals of Operating system, Functions of an Operating System, System calls, system commands, Different types of operating system, Components of Operating System , File Concept, Directory Structure.

Introduction to networking concept, Network basics, Sharing information, Topology, Protocols, Types of network, Networking devices, Internetworking: concept, Architecture and protocols.

 Unix/Linux Operating System: Introduction, commands, services and utilities, user to user communication, administration.

Operating System – Windows 2000: Introduction, Managing Windows 2000 server, advanced Windows 2000 networking.


Security and Management: Network management in Windows 2000.


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