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MCS034 - LAB 2 - Estimate the Size, Effort, Schedule and Cost of Railway management System

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(Estimate the Size, Effort, Schedule and Cost of Railway reservation System)

The four basic steps in Railway Reservation project estimation are:
  1. Estimate the size of the development product. This generally ends up in either Lines of Code (LOC) or Function Points (FP), but there are other possible units of measure. A discussion of the pros & cons of each is discussed in some of the material referenced at the end of this report.
  2. Estimate the effort in person-months or person-hours.
  3. Estimate the schedule in calendar months.
  4. Estimate the project cost in dollars (or local currency)
The railway reservation project requires 75KBLOC. On the basis of this size of the project we have to estimate the remaining estimations. We have the formula to estimate the schedule of the project.

Schedule in months = 3.0 * (effort-months)1/3

Opinions vary as to whether 2.0 or 2.5 or even 4.0 should be used in place of the 3.0 value - only by trying it out will you see what works for you.

Management Metric
Planning Value
Effort (Staff months)
Schedule (Calendar months)
Peak staff (People)
Average staff (people)


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