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Configuring Java Environment variables

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In Windows inorder to set
Step 1 : Right Click on MyComputer and click on properties .
Step 2 : Click on Advanced tab

alt text

Step 3: Click on Environment Variables
alt text
Step 4: Create a new class path for JAVA_HOME
alt text
Step 5: Enter the Variable name as JAVA_HOME and the value to your jdk bin path ie c:\Programfiles\Java\jdk-1.6\bin and
NOTE Make sure u start with .; in the Value so that it doesn't corrupt the other environment variables which is already set.
alt text
Step 6 : Follow the Above step and edit the Path in System Variables add the following ;c:\Programfiles\Java\jdk-1.6\bin in the value column.
Step 7 :Your are done setting up your environment variables for your Java , In order to test it go to command prompt and type


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