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11 Features of Java Programming Language

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Simple :

  • Java is Easy to write and more readable and eye catching.
  • Java has a concise, cohesive set of features that makes it easy to learn and use.
  • Most of the concepts are drew from C++ thus making Java learning simpler.

Secure :

  • Java program cannot harm other system thus making it secure.
  • Java provides a secure means of creating Internet applications.
  • Java provides secure way to access web applications.

Portable :

  • Java programs can execute in any environment for which there is a Java run-time system.(JVM)
  • Java programs can be run on any platform (Linux,Window,Mac)
  • Java programs can be transferred over world wide web (e.g applets)

Object-oriented :

  • Java programming is object-oriented programming language.
  • Like C++ java provides most of the object oriented features.
  • Java is pure OOP. Language. (while C++ is semi object oriented)

Robust :

  • Java encourages error-free programming by being strictly typed and performing run-time checks.

Multithreaded :

  • Java provides integrated support for multithreaded programming.

Architecture-neutral :

  • Java is not tied to a specific machine or operating system architecture.
  • Machine Independent i.e Java is independent of hardware .

Interpreted :

  • Java supports cross-platform code through the use of Java bytecode.
  • Bytecode can be interpreted on any platform by JVM.

High performance :

  • Bytecodes are highly optimized.
  • JVM can executed them much faster .

Distributed :

  • Java was designed with the distributed environment.
  • Java can be transmit,run over internet.

Dynamic :

  • Java programs carry with them substantial amounts of run-time type information that is used to verify and resolve accesses to objects at run time.


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