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Java’s Contribution to the Internet (World Wide Web)

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  1. Great feature of the java is that java is platform independent.
  2. It can word on any network,any operating system thus making programs more flexible.
  3. In addition to simplifying web programming in general, Java innovated a new type of networked program called the applet that changed the way the online world thought about content.
  4. Portability and Security of java makes World wide web to spread across globe.

A. Java Applets :

  1. An applet is a special kind of Java program that is designed to be transmitted over the Internet and automatically executed by a Java-compatible web browser.
  2. Applet can be downloaded on demand.
  3. Applet programs can be run on ant java compatible browser.
  4. Applets are intended to be small programs.
  5. They are typically used to display data provided by the server, handle user input, or provide simple functions, such as a loan calculator, that execute locally, rather than on the server.
  6. In essence, the applet allows some functionality to be moved from the server to the client.

B. Security :

  1. Applets can be downloaded to user PC .
  2. They are executed independently without accessing other parts of user’s PC.
  3. The ability of Java provides security and thus Java prove itself more secure.

C. Portability :

  1. Java Programming is Portable.
  2. Java Program is Operating System Independent.
  3. Java Program is converted into byte code and byte code is executed by JVM. [ See how Java Code is Portable ? ]
  4. Java Applets are thus portable and can be downloaded from any place in globe and can be executed on java compatible browser thus making java programs portable.


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