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Determine the complexity of following sorting algorithms > Heap Sort

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Heap Complexity

The part just shown very similar to removal from a heap which is O(log(n)). You do it n-1 times so it is O(nlog(n)). The last steps are cheaper but for the reverse reason from the building of the heap, most are log(n) so it is O(nlog(n)) overall for this part. The build part was O(n) so it does not dominate. For the whole heap sort you get O(nlog(n)).

There is no extra memory except a few for local temporaries.

Thus, we have finally achieved a comparison sort that uses no extra memory and is O(nlog(n)) in the worst case.

In many cases people still use quick sort because it uses no extra memory and is usually O(nlog(n)). Quick sort runs faster than heap sort in practice. The worst case of O(n2) is not seen in practice.


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