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Assignment 015 - Q6(b) How to overcome panic while presenting

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Hello friends you can copy this answer also for Q7 for effective presentation and use some part of for Q6.

1. Focus on the audience not on yourself
Presumably the principal reason for you being asked or required to present is because you have earned the right to present either through reputation, expertise or simply because it comes with the job. 

2. Ask about your audience
The more you can build up a mental picture of the audience in advance, the better.

3. Ask about the event
It is important you have as much information about the event surrounding your presentation.

4. Ask about the venue
Check out the room, be clear about the layout, and find out what audio-visual requirements will be available on the day. Introduce yourself to the floor manager. 

5. Prepare your presentation
Do not leave it until the last minute to get ready for your speech in the hope that you can ‘wing it' on the day.

6. Practice your presentation
Once your presentation is prepared practice it in the way that suits you. 

7. Eat well in advance
Presenting will stimulate your adrenalin and soak up your energy hence it is important to have given your body a dose of energy before you present. 

8. Introduce yourself to members of the audience before your presentation
One of the reasons presenters get nervous is that they are talking to strangers. It is much easier to present to people you know or have met.


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