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MCS016 Assignment 1 - Create a website that provides information about historical tourist places around your city

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Create a website that provides information about historical tourist places around your city.

(a). The Home page should consists of four areas containing the following information:
    •  TOP area containing the name of your city and a photograph of a historical monument. Make sure that you use a good picture format. 
    • LEFTMENU area containing the links to other pages - these links should include - My City, List of Monuments, History of the City, Important Addresses and Feedback. 
    • The CONTENT area of this Home page should display information like population, and climatic conditions etc. about your city. 
    • The COPYRIGHT area should display the copyright information and current date and time. 
You need to make sure that the TOP, LEFT MENU and COPYRIGHT area is same across all the pages of the website.

(b). My City page should give information about the objectives, festivals of the city etc. in some structured format in the CONTENT area. You may use lists or tables for the same.

 (c) List of Monuments page lists the names of important Monuments in the CONTENT area. These names should be hyperlinked to History of City page. 

(d) History of City page should highlight the history of city as well as important monuments in the CONTENT area. 

 (e) Important Addresses page should provide information about the important Government and public offices in the CONTENT area. 

(f) Feedback page should have a feedback form in the CONTENT area. This form should consist of at least one text box, radio buttons, list boxes etc. This page should get the feedback about the site. You must use JavaScript to check that all the required fields are filled by the visitor.



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