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b) Functional and Non-functional Requirement of Study Center Allocation System > MCS034

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Note: You can also use, different Diagram and User Interface to show your own creativity

Functional Requirement            

In this application we do not need to perform many tasks. As per requirement, we have following requirement.
1)      Student Application
a.       Personal Information
b.      Address information
c.       Course Detail
2)      Admission and Address Verification
a.       According to requirement we do accept all application, which are offered by University
b.      Should have valid Address, Zip code is required to fetch nearest Study center
3)      Allocate Study Center with valid program
a.       We have study center list
b.      With address and Program offered

According to above detail we can indentify Functional Requirements for each actor:
1)      Student
a.       Login /Registration of Student
b.      Search & Apply for courses
c.       Pay & Submit for Approval
2)      Staff
a.       Login
b.      Manage Study Centers
c.       Manage Program List
d.      Manage Students
3)      Admin
a.       Login
b.      Manage Staff
4)      Automated System
a.       SCAS Address Verification
b.      SCAS Approval and Allocation of Seat
c.       SCAS Notification

Non Functional Requirement

1)      Data should be validated like: Pin, Email, Age
2)      Deleting/Updating record does not affect other data
3)      System should perform faster even many users are accessing the system at a time
4)      Sensitive data should be secured using encryption technique

5)      Backup should be performed


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