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Cab Management System SRS

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Cab booking service is a major transport service provided by the various transport operators in a particular city. Mostly peoples use cab service for their daily transportation's need. The company must be a registered and fulfills all the requirements and security standards set by the transport department.

In a nutshell your Taxi Booking Software should be able to:
o Provide the functionality to make your own bookings
o Give your customers the facility to make payments and deposits online with their credit / debit card.
o Generate Invoiceso Update your web site without the need to get a web designer involved.
o Provide the customer with taxi availability
o Track your customers.
o Engage your customers through interaction such as feedback forms

1.1 Purpose:

The purpose of this case study is to describe the cab booking system which provides the cab booking details ,billing, and cancellation on various types of booking namely.

  • Confirm booking .
  • Online booking.
  •  Phone booking.

1.2 Document Conventions:

 1.3 Intended Audience and reading suggestions:

The different types of readers are:
(c).Management people

1.4 Definitions, Acronyms,and Abbreviation:

Following abbreviation has been used throughout this document:

CBS:Cab booking system.
PDA: Personal Digital Assistant 
IVRS:Voice Response System
  1.  Cab Details
  2.  Booking Form
  3.  Billing
  4. Cancellation

1.5 Scope

  • Passenger Revenue Enhancement. 
  • Improved and Optimized service

1.6 Approach


The systems development life cycle is a project management technique that divides complex projects into smaller, more easily managed segments or phases. Segmenting projects allows managers to verify the successful completion of project phases before allocating resources to subsequent phases. Software development projects typically include initiation,planning, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance phases. However, the phases may be divided differently depending on the organization involved. For example, initial project activities might be designated as request, requirements-definition, and planning phases, or initiation, concept-development, and planning phases. End users of the system under development should be involved in reviewing the output of each phase to ensure the system is being built to deliver the needed functionality.

2. Overall description:

It enables us to maintain the cab details like this

2.1Product Perspective:

heir timing number of seat available, and bookingbilling and canceling the cab.

2.1.1 User Interface:

Mobile Application, tablets

2.1.2 Development Hardware Interface:

Minimum system requirements for Cab Management:


Intel Core 2Duo or AMD equivalent, 2Gz or better




160 GB, 7200k spin

Operating systems used in development:

Windows XP sp3 / Windows 7
Business broadband connection with static IP (8mb download)
Online backup
Logmein, or Windows Remote Desktop Connectivity.Other suggested components
17 inch or larger display
Secondary hard drive
for additional local backups

Minimum system requirements for Mobile:

 Operating system: Android


GPS Enabled

Internet Active or JIO enabled :-)


Front end -> C#,WCF, MapsAPi
Back end -> MSSql

UserApp -> Mobile Interface

2.1.4.Communication Interfaces

The website www.uber.com offeres CBS enquiries on the internet availability, status , fare,service area etc.

Mobile based inquiry service.
Setting up of voice response system.

2.1.4 Operating Environment:

The OS types are:

Windows Phone, iPhone, blackberry,Android

2.1.5 Operations:

Any booking can be done 24 hours.

One form for single booking.

Booking is done through pre defined logic.

2.2 Product Functions:

It tells the short note about the product.

2.2.1Cab Details:

Customers may view the cab timing at a date their name and their type of booking.


After checking the number of cab available the customers books a cab ornumber of cabs according to their requiremnets.


After reserving the required cab, the customer pays the amount in advance(optional).


If the customer want to cancel the cab then 10% of the amount per person is deducted if the booking is cancelled before 30 mins of the service time.

2.3 User characteristics:

Knowledge userNo voice userExpert user

2.4. Conscabts

Less than 1 sec for local transactions.

3 sec for network transaction.

Uptime of CBS is 99.5+%.SOFTWARE CONSCABTS:Designing->Rational Rose



Cab Delay Alert Service.Booking Terminals Interactive voice Response System.


It is available during all 24 hours

Application interface of our system was unit tested at all levels of implementation, right from start of code writing, to integrating the codewith other modules. Every module was tested fully to check its syntax andlogical correctness. Error handling was implemented into relevant
modules so that the code doesn’t crash on errors.

5.2.4 Integration Testing

Integration testing is a systematic technique for constructing the programstructures, while conducting test to uncover errors associated withinterfacing, the objective is to take unit tested modules and build aprogram structure that has been dictated by design.User interface of i-Admit was developed in modules. All of them were joined together to make the complete running application. Whileintegrating these modules, integration testing was performed on them toverify that they meet all interfacing requirements and that they passrelevant information among themselves. In the end the complete programstructure was tested to ensure interoperability of all the modules.

5.2.5 Validation Testing

At the culmination of integration testing software is completely assembledas a package: interfacing errors have been uncovered and corrected anda final series of software tests

Validation Testing may begin. Validationcan be defined in many ways, but a simple definition is that validationsucceeds when software functions in a manner that can be reasonablyexpected by the customer. Software validation is achieved through aseries of Black Box tests that demonstrate conformity with requirements.

5.2.6 Alpha Testing

It is virtually impossible for a software developer to foresee how thecustomer will really use a program. When custom software is built for onecustomer a series of acceptance tests are conducted to enable thecustomer to validate all requirements.A customer conducts the alpha test at the developer site. The software isused in a natural setting with the d
eveloper “looking over the shoulder” of
the user and recording errors and usage problem. Alpha tests areconducted in a controlled environment.Alpha tests were performed at our development site with the help of ourfriends, who were called and asked to run the program in the mannerthey like, without our guidance and errors and usage problems werenoted and code was updated to remove all of them.

5.2.7 Beta Testing

The Beta test is conducted at one or more customer sites by the end userof the software. Unlike alpha testing the developer is generally notpresent. Therefore the beta test is a live application of the software in anenvironment that cannot be controlled by the developer. The customerrecords all problems that are encountered during beta testing and reportsthese to the developer at regular intervals. As a result of problemsreported during beta test the software developer makes modification andthen prepares for the release of software product to the entire customerbase.Beta testing of our system is not performed as the product is not yet fullydeveloped and has not been installed at the user site as it still is in thedevelopment phase. Beta testing will be performed when the software is
deployed at the user’s site.

5.2.8 System Testing

Ultimately software is incorporated with other system elements (newhardware, information) and a series of system, integration and validationtests are conducted. It is actually a series of different tests whose primarypurpose is to fully exercise the computer-based system. Although eachtest has a different purpose all work to verify that all system elementshave been properly integrated and perform allocated functions.System testing of this system was performed at the development lab of this system by integrating the functional systems to imitate the actualwork environment. Since no special hardware was needed for thispurpose, the testing proceeded and succeeded with no errors.

5.2.9 Recovery Testing

Many computer-based systems must recover from faults and resumeprocessing within a pre-specified time. In some cases a system must befault tolerant that is processing faults must not cause overall systemfunction to cease. Recovery testing is a system test that forces thesoftware to fail in a variety of ways and verifies that recovery is properlyperformed. If recovery is automatic, re-initialization, check pointingmechanisms, data recovery, and restart are each evaluated forcorrectness. If recovery requires human intervention the meantime torepair is evaluated to determine whether it is within acceptable limits.

5.2.10 Security Testing

 Security Testing attempts to verify protection mechanism built into asystem will in fact protect it from improper penetration. Security isprovided for each user by giving them login name and password. Security
testing was done, as any other anonymous user can’t log in with a user
password if the user is already logged in.

5.2.11 Performance Testing

Performance Testing is designed to test run time performance of softwarewithin the context of an integrated system. Performance Testing occursthroughout all steps in the testing process. Performance tests are oftencoupled with stress testing and often require both hardware and softwareinstrumentation. That is it is often necessary to measure resource utilizationin an exacting fashion. External instrumentation can monitor executionintervals, log events as they occur, and sample machines take on a regularbasis. By instrumenting a system the tester can uncover situations that lead todegradation and possible system failure.


Information Technology plays a vital role not only in a particular field, it provides various kinds of solutions and services to the various problemsprevailing in many fields. Cabs exploits information technology at themaximum extent. It uses the information technology in an efficient way forproviding better passenger services. The online booking system helps tosolve the every day problems of the world biggest Indian .

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