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Scope of the Railway Reservation System > MCSL-036 LAB Course MCS-034 > Session 1

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Reservation Clerk is a person to create and Cancel Reservation by entering Login Password. Manager is a person who updates the Train Information by entering his own Password. The system can handle only reservation and train details efficiently and it doesn’t contain other details about the railway administration. The main purpose of this system is

Ø  Creating reservation
Ø  Cancel reservation
Ø  View reservation status
Ø  View train schedule
Ø  Generating reports
Ø  Update train schedule
Ø  Update reservation details

            The Seats of Reservation cannot be more than the seats of Train at that date. This is a constraint that has to be followed by the Clerk when he creates the Reservation. For that purpose he wants to check the seats remaining present in the Train.

            The scope of this system in creating Reservation is that, from any Railway Station we can Create Reservation, which is updated automatically in all the stations. Hence, there is no confusion to the Reservation Clerk in all the stations to create the Reservation. This can be possible by maintaining Global Database. Clerks present at different stations can access the global database and the clerks can easily understand the remaining reservation seats. It provides the ability to create reservation from different places for a train.

            The system is so secured and clerk and manager utilize it. Nobody can able to access the system without his or her permission because of providing login facility to the system. The password is in the form of cipher text by using cryptography technology, so it cannot be hacked by any person. The global database can passes through network in order to utilized by managers or clerks at different places. So, we want to provide network security because of the data not hacked by the other persons when it is going through network cables. This network security is provided by the cryptography technology. 


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