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MCS024 Syllabus

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Program Design Concepts, Software evolution and crisis, Procedure-Oriented Approach Introduction to common PO- languages, Features of good programs and software quality, Advantages and disadvantages of PO-methodology.

Object-oriented Methodology

Basic concepts of OO approach, Evolution of OO methodology and its benefits, Comparison of OO and PO approaches, Introduction to common OO Language, Applications of OOP, Paradigms of OO approach, abstraction, Classes and Objects.

Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism, OO Software and quality.

JAVA Language

Primitive Data types and Variables, Operators, Expressions and Statements,Decision and Interactive Constructs, Classes and Objects, Inheritance and Polymorphism, Packages and Interfaces, Exception handling, Multithreaded Programming, I/O IN JAVA, Strings and Characters, Exploring JAVA I/O, Applets, Graphics and User Interfaces, Networking Features, Java Servlets.



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